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NationalEr Interest Personal (Contributors) Represent the Higher Education Graduates (Alumni), Students and Prominent Young Leaders of Eritrea, Residing in and outside of the Country. However; This Page is Designated for Them.


NationalEr Interest will admit to the forth coming era for industrialisation and manufacturing process, works for social integration and unity, brings a capable of ingenious youth, students, intellectuals and artists in for-front, promoting innovation and creation, and more importantly, it will host a variety ideas for building a political infrastructures, economic network, and cultural road map.

Eritrea & The Region

Eritrea is very enough to live peacefully and influential, but ensuring regional peace and security would convey us together the most powerful collaborative countries in the world. Regional integration might be form by Seven strategic countries, mainly like Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti.

Petri Dish

Eritrea & Eritrean

We need to overcome the success of our vision first, by building Eritrea as a model and the best home of every citizen. Respecting and defending the rights of every single man and woman born to be Eritrean is more implies respecting the rights and protection of the entire country’s people. We never ever undermine our territorial sovereignty, and our economic and political independence too. Those are the corner stone of the ultimate goal.





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